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November 19, 2024 I've decided to QRT "The Speedway Chapter" of the 10-X International Net due to health reasons. Founded in 1993 the chapter had 600+ members whose support of the Chapter and it's nets over the past 30 years has been wonderful. 

Spent last weekend on the air with the W1AW/7 event for the ARRL Volunteers On The Air Special Event. We worked the event from W7VO's QTH. Had a wonderful time in the event.   

August 13, 2021

My Tribander quit working in June and now have it back on the air with lots of help by Alex KU1CW . Thank You Alex! I am very active on 20 meters now, and chasing DX when I hear them. I am also very active with The YL System on 14.332. I am one of the Co-Controls on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays at 20:00 UTC. I miss the nets now and then but try to be there as often as possible. My wire Off Center fed Windom isn't working right now but will be as soon as I get new Coax installed.. Hope to see all on the bands.

"73" de Dave .


May 1, 2021.Back on the air after being away nearly a year. Feels good to be back on the air with old friends, and making new ones.  


January 10, 2018'

Had a lot of Fun in the ARRL RTTY Roundup at Mike W7VO's great station this last weekend. Operated Multi Single with a great group of guys. One came up from Salem to help' I think his first contest? Anyway was a good time, and learned quite a bit from Mike and others. 

December 18, 2018. Gosh has been so long since I've updated things here. Hopefull this page looks much better, yet I will try much harder to add more as time, and events allow. I've added quite a few more photos to the Photo Alblum. Perhaps you might enjoy seeing them? Was off the air for quite some time, and just got back on numerous bands here, yet mostly the low bands 160 through 40 meters. I do enjoy the upper bands as well though. Talked to my Friend Carlos in Brazil today, and Les in Jamaica 6Y6Y. Yes is a real call. Nice fella, and seems to be enjoying air time there. OK have "FUN" and see Ya on the bands. "73" de Dave.


April 11, 2018. Been a long time since I'v added anything here. Been working on antennas here past couple days. I now have my OCF Windom back in the air and is working great except on 80 meters.SWR on 80M is way too high but all other bands work fine.

My 6 meter Yagi (5E) has sustained severe damage to reflector, and 1st director, as well as the Gamma Match. I'll need to call Cushcraft to see If I can get the parts to repair it?

My GAP Eagle DX Vertical has sustained severe damage as well so will have to contact GAP about repairing it. 

Planning to finally get 60' Tower up this summer and improve and repair all Antennas, and building A few New Antennas as well here for 40M and 17M and 12 meters. . I'll be working the 7th Call Area QSO Party May 5th and 6th as W7O QSL to W7CAR. 


October 18,2017

Today I have uploaded my entire Log to LOTW. Many Thanks to Mike W7VO for his help getting my LOTW up and running. I've been trying to get it figured out for a long time, and Mike figured out what I was doing wrong for me. More to come at a later date.


March 29,2017

Operated CQWW WPX 24 hours last weekend. Made 471 contacts, 270 mults, score was 238,680. Worked 49 Countries. All in all did better than last year so I am happy about that. Did not get ATNO but did work a few DXCC Band Q's entitys. I need to overhaul the Antenna System, and put up a New Tower and a few more antennas. We'll see?


January 17, 2016. 

Was able finally to get the Beam on the Tower & Working about 2 hours before CQWW SSB started in October, so have been enjoying the Beam for a few months now. Huge difference from my Wire & Vertical Antennas. 

   Many Thanks to Bill - KC7OHF & Rick - WA7RPM & two of my sons. Without their help the Beam would still be in the front yard. Currently have two COAX Projects that need to be done. I had a Full Hip replacement almost two weeks ago, so will be laid up awhile yet. 

February 21, 2015 Well the Tower is up here now after valuable Help from Rck-WA7RPM, Shane-KD7JWC, and Shane's son Derrick. Is nice to finally have it up. Now to get the Beam on it. Mike-W7VO loaned me a Gin Pole that will help a lot. I have the Beam a HyGain TH-7 DX all assembled in the front yard, and ready to go up. Will be awesome to not have to rely on Wires & Verticals for awhile. Can't wait to try out the system. I've not had a Beam up since 1994 so you can imagine my excitement. 

  My Speedway Chapter Database is starting to take shape again after a crash. Thank Godness for the help

November 23, 2014 I played around with the W6OI/7 Special Event awhile today. Would like to have been able to spend more time with it as 10 meter openings were pretty good today.

   I have been having a lot of trouble getting QSL Cards back from those I have sent out here in the USA that included SASE's. Not sure what to do to get a better return rate. I've had some trouble with DX too even though I include 2 US $$$ with my cards. Is a bit frustating at times. I will keep sending out cards anyway. Hopefully I'll be able to get LOTW working soon? Mike W7VO has kindly offered to help me with that. BTW Mike W7VO is now President of The Willamette Vally DX Club & W7 DX Bureau .   My Tower is now ready to go up, so hope to get help with that soon. I'll be putting a HyGain TH-7DX Antenna that I picked up used on it.


May 17 2014  

Had a lot of fun operating the W7 QSO Party from W7VO's QTH as N7J in muli single category. Lots of great op's, BBQ, and camraderie. We made 995 Q's, and had numerous Hams that had not been on HF much before. I hope to do it again in 2015!  

April 8 2014. Well I worked the CQ WPX contest the end of March. Operated Single OP & Single Band (10 Meters). Made 290 Q's so nothing spectacular. I used my Yaesu FT-950 & a Vertical Antenna at 20' above ground. Operated High Power near 1 KW. Only worked Search & Pounce. Made a lot of Japan & South America QSO's. I have QSL Cards to ALL Japan contacts filled uot & ready to go out to the ARRL DX outgoing Bureau. Over the years I've had lots of great QSO's to Japan so I send ALL a QSL Card.

December 29, 2013. I am now the Letter "I" Sorter for the W7 - QSL Bureau. Is a Fun endeavor to be able to help even in such a small way! I've been very lucky in this as the former sorter Rick made it so easy to transfer the records in the form of an Spreadsheet, and Complete File System. Thank You Rick.

December 12,2013. Been lax in updating for awhile. Now Winter has set in I'm on the air daily now. Been working lots of DX & Contests. I now send Every Japan, Canada, & Mexico QSL's via ARRL Bureau. Postage is going nuts in North America now. I check QRZ for QSL Info before I mail QSL's now. QSL returns are continueing to be slight now. I need to learn more about OQRS I think? I am trying to be more active with the YL System, OMISS, & Ten-Ten! I hope to hear everyone soon. I am also chasing USA Counties more now!

January 4, 2013. Well my QSL Cards arrived, and have sent many out already. I've just mailed over 100 cards direct to the JARL Bureau in Japan, so all JA Cards sent that way. I QSL Japan 100% via Bureau. I am hoping to get a better QSL Return rate this year. Had a surprise at the December 2012 Lower Columbia Amateur Radio Association dinner, and am now Vice President of the Club for 2013. I hope to attract lots of New Members this year among other projects.

November 6, 2012 I've ran out of my Photo QSL Cards like ones on my QRZ Page. I've reordered today more cards from Tony LZ1JZ, so should be good to go with them soon. In the meantime I am sending Photo Postcards of Mt Hood with all the needed QSL Info.

October 30, 2012. Well I worked the CQWW this weekend, and had lots of fun. I only used my GAP Vertical 10' off the ground on 10, 15, and 20 meters only. Made 333 QSO's, and Total Score was 142,890 Points. I hope to have better antennas up next year. Made several band First Countries. I'll be sending QSL Cards through the Bureau to ALL Japan, and South America QSO's. Will send Direct to some as well. 


September 28, 2012 I worked the Washington State Salmon Run QSO Party a couple weeks ago, and had lots of fun. Was great this year to finally work all Washington counties.

I've been working 10 meters a lot this entire week. It sure has been fun to have 10 open so well. Worked ZD7FT Peter on St Helena Island a little bit ago for a New DXCC Entity for me. Hopefully 10 meters will continue to improve, and be as good as Cycles 22 & 23.

July 17, 2012. I've been active a bit on HF past couple weeks, and having lots of Fun. I went to the Columbia County Field Day event in Scappoose,, Oregon,, and had a ball. 4th of July week I tried hard to work the 13 Colonies Special Event operations, and finally worked all 13 stations this year for a Clean Sweep for the first time after trying several years. Their Certificate is really beautiful, and I've sent for it. I am hoping 10 & 6 meters opens soon, as miss all my friends on those bands.

November 9, 2011. Well today my Birthday, and Geni made me an awesome cake. I've posted photos at end of photo alblum here.

November 2, 2011. I've all CQWW Japan contact QSL Cards all made out, and ready to mail direct to the Japan Bureau. Lots of work <grin>. Due to non return of many Direct cards I've sent out in recent years, I am trying to send more out through the Bureau than before. We'll see what happens? Too many DX Stations are keeping my $$ & not sending cards back. Tis a shame.

November 1, 2011. I played in the CQWW over the weekend, and had lots of Fun. I worked a Total of 15 hours. Made 389 Q's, 208 Multipliers, and a score of 227,344. I appreciate all who were so kind, and patient with my puny signal.  

October 7, 2011. I played a bit in the California QSO Party with only 70 Q's. Working hard on The Speedway Chapter November Special / World Championships. Themes this year for Europe is the Nurburgring Race Course, and for USA is a tribute to NASCAR Hall of Fame driver Herschel McGriff. Looks to be a great November again this year with lots of interest in the Special world wide.

September 20, 2011 I've changed my Internet provider from Wildblue to Hughes Net. Far faster & easier now. My Email is still good on QRZ.com

September 06, 2011.Now is the time to Upgrade or just Email interest in the 2011 Speedway Chapter's November Special / World Championships. Special designators will be assigned to all interested in participating during September, and October, and reply will include Special worksheet. Europe's Special is based on the infamous Nurburgring Race course, and USA Special will be a celebration of the Racing Career of Oregon's own Herschel McGriff. who is a NASCAR Hall of Fame member of NASCAR's Top 50 drivers of all time Lets all make this once a year event something special on the air on 10 meters.

August 12, 2011. I managed to work the 10-X Summer QSO Party last weekend. Made only 83 contacts the whole time. Propagation was mostly North & South. Many in Eastern States had over 300 Q's. Is quite typical so far in Cycle 24 that we have far worse propagation out west here.

April 15, 2011. I've not operated much this month so far but plan to over the next few weeks. Lots of activity for The Speedway Chapter of 10-X International Net with most in Germany lately doing upgrades.

Operated in the CQ WPX Contest from home Friday night with 191 Q's & then from W7DG Club Station on Saturday with Jim, Jon, and Rocky from the Wilamette Valley DX Club. They scored over 3 million points.

March 25, 2011 I plan to operate in the WPX Contest this weekend. This is one of my favorite contests as everyone works everyone.

Saturday January 8, 2011 I've added more photos to the Photo Alblum

Friday January 7, 2011. I'll be working the ARRL RTTY contest this weekend 18:00 Jan 8 to 24:00 Jan 9. I hope to better my score from last year.

I am now 10-X Trustee, and QSL Manager for Club Station W7DG The Lower Columbia Amateur Radio Association

Have new addition to shack now. Purchased a new Ameritron AL-572 Amp at HRO to compliment the station

October 15-2009

W7CAR re-launches "The Speedway Chapter" of Ten-Ten International Net.

In an effort to increase Amateur activity on the 10 Meter Band & Support 10-X Paper Chasing, Dave has revived "The Speedway Chapter".There has already been outstanding response from Amateur's world wide with 78 "New" Members as well as numerous "Former" members lending support in just the first week of activity.


Ten - Ten International Net


Ten-Ten International Net's Mission is to promote Activity, Good Will, and Comraderie around the World on the 10 meter band.  There are over 75,000 members from around the world that help, and believe in this mission on a daily basis! 

For more information on Ten-Ten, and it's activities go to http://www.ten-ten.org 


Yours in the Hobby,

David Walton - W7CAR


My eMail = w7car59 at gmail.com

"Welcome" to W7CAR's Web Domain!

As you can probably tell, my choice of a Vanity Callsign was not a Fluke, but the combining of two passions, Amateur Radio, and anything Automotive. As a multi-decade Amateur Radio enthusiast, and "Circle Track" Auto Racing Team Owner, Builder, Driver it came only natural to choose W7CAR as my Callsign. I hope you enjoy your visit here. Photo at left is my 1968 Mercury Cougar that has been restored, and updated. I've Sold this car now though.



Those who wish to eMail me can do so via my QRZ Page.


Hobbies & Such  

My other Hobbies/Avocations are "Circle Track" Auto Racing at the Professional level. Fishing, Camping, Full Size "KIT" Planes. Racing & Show Pigeons,  Building/Restoring Hot Rods & Muscle Cars (mostly GM types), and Street Rodding. Have not been doing much on cars for quite awhile these days.

  My Station:

As stations go, mine is quite modest I think. The Station Equipment is as follows, a   

Yaesu FTDX-1200 HF & 6M Tranceiver, AN Ameritron AL-572 Amplifier, a Yaesu SP-2000 Speaker, a    Kenwood TM-271A 2M as a Base, a Yaesu FT-1900 2M for Mobile use, and a Yaesu FT-60R dual band Handi-Talkie. New Digital mode device here now too, a Yaesu optional unit for the 1200 - USB unit.

My antenna Farm is pretty basic at present with experimenting on an ongoing basis. Current Antennas are OCF Windom On 160, 80, 40, 30, 17, and 12 Meter Bands. A GAP Eagle DX Vertical antenna 10' above ground for 10 through 40 Meters including WARC bands. A 4 Element Yagi for 6 Meters by Arrow Antennas, and a Diamond Vertical for 2 Meters & 70 Centimeters bands. and currently putting up a Tower & 7 Element Hygain TH7DXX Beam on it.

Tower & HyGain TH-7DX 7 element Tri-Bander is up now and working great.

Also getting ready to put up a new 5 Element 6 Meter Yagi, and a 10 Element 2 Meter Yagi. Also working on a 40 Meter mono-band Vertical, and a 5/8 wave 17 Meter Mono-band Vertical.

My "On Air" Club Membership Numbers!

Ten - Ten = 46235        Ten - Ten VP = 2559            

YLISSB = 15204          TFO-552

Smirk = 6866                OMISS = 5708            

EPC = 12136                Flying Pig = 1712       

PODXS 070 = 1221     Grid Bandit = 276       

DMC = 03320               Feld Hell = 3138


3905 Century Club:

80m 100 point = 2705

40m 100 point = 2541



I am very active in The YL System on 14.332, and am one of rhe Co Controlers on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 20:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC. Feel free to give me a call there when you hear me on. 



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